Monday, May 7, 2012

Natural Dyeing - Playing with Vegetables

I was so excited to make this project - Natural dyeing.  I have heart about natural dye for years.  I just don't have chance to try it.  Now here you go.  It is so much fun to play with those vegetables.  Ha!  Usually I just make them as food.

I have read lots of website talking about how to make this.  I think this site has lots information.  
Wow, I don't know there are so many plants/vegetables that can be made as natural dye materials.  
These pictures are the result of my first try.  I have collected onion skin for a while.  I asked from my family to collect onion skin for me.  They are so helpful.  When they heart this natural dye from onion, they are just so shock and curious.  

Onion Dye
These two different colors are all from onion skin dye.  They are just different batch, amount of onion skin. I really don't know they can be different color like this.  I am so enjoy the process.
Onion dye2
Purple cabbage dye
This is purple cabbage dye.  Still in process.  It was like violet but after I put a drop of vinegar, the color changed to like wine.  I know after I wash it, the color will be much lighter than this color.  When I was simmering these cabbage, it smelled so good.  It's like I am cooking some food with cabbage.  Makes me hungry. ^________^

I am also very excited to do dandelion root dye.  Since summer is coming, we will get lots of dandelion around the house.  I think I can turn those hateful weeds to be a nice color dyeing materials.  Isn't is wonderful!

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